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what is dental laminate

what is dental laminate

what is dental laminate - People who do not have beautiful white teeth and do not have a beautiful smile are looking for beautiful white teeth. Lamination is the solution for these people who cover the front surface of the tooth


what is dental laminate

what is dental laminate - drebrahimgol


What is tooth laminate?

Nowadays, people who do not have beautiful white teeth and do not have a beautiful smile are looking for beautiful, white teeth. Laminate is the solution for these people, which covers the front surface of the tooth and gives them confidence. Tooth lamination is a layer of tooth color that improves the shape and color of teeth and closes the gap between the teeth, as well as on fractured teeth. In addition, lamination can be used to treat these problems if the tooth is timely, cracking, or tilting.
They have two types of ceramic and composite laminates based on their sex and fabrication. After lamination, the teeth are very well-groomed, well-groomed and white, and have a high luminosity when smiling and talking. In most cases, a glue is applied to the tooth for adhesion to the teeth to smooth and smooth the surface of the tooth and to remove the darker parts of the tooth completely.
Dental lamination may be used instead of orthodontics if the patient does not have occlusal problems and his or her maxillary jaw growth is reached.
Ceramic Laminate (Ceramic Veneer)

Ceramic Laminate (Ceramic Veneer)

Ceramic laminate, or porcelain veneer, is a thin ceramic shell of 5 to 6 mm in diameter and adheres with special bands on the teeth that have been shaved. Ceramic laminates have higher strength and color stability than composite laminates, resulting in a more beautiful color than composite laminates. These laminates reflect light to the teeth and become less stained due to their smooth surface.
Ceramic laminate is resistant to dyed foods. Ceramic laminates have different types. Its kind is made of porcelain feldspar and is formulated as a powder in a laboratory on a molded model. Another common type of ceramic laminates is High Pressed Ceramic which is molded on the mold in the furnace. The third type of ceramic laminates are machined from ceramic blocks.
Uses of ceramic laminate

Uses of ceramic laminate:

1. Removing dental distances using dental lamination
2. Correction of moderate tooth decay with dental lamination
3. Treatment of dark and colored teeth with the help of dental lamination
4. Treatment of stained teeth with dental lamination
5. Treatment of teeth that are filled with lips
Disadvantages of Ceramic Laminates

Disadvantages of Ceramic Laminates:

1. Ceramic laminates should usually be replaced in the event of failure.
2. The average life of a ceramic laminate is usually 10 years, after which it must be replaced.
3. In case of excessive abrasion and dentin, the bond is weakened and lamination may fall faster.
4. Ceramic laminates are not used in teeth with extensive caries or old fillings.
5. After the laminate is applied to the tooth, its color and shape can no longer be changed.
6. The cost of ceramic laminates is high and not everyone can use it.
Benefits of ceramic laminates

Benefits of ceramic laminates:

1. Ceramic lamination Due to the light reflected on the tooth, the beauty of the tooth doubles.
2. The ceramic glass surface does not paint.
3. Non-staining ceramic laminate due to the porosity after ceramic glazing
4. No need for numbness in ceramic laminates

Wisdom extraction + Impacted wisdom tooth surgery + No pain and bleeding

what is dental laminate

The wisdom tooth is the third major tooth. The wisdom tooth grows
 later than other teeth from the age of 17 to 21 years. As the jaw
shrinks due to human growth, the growth of the wisdom tooth is
constrained by a lack of space and, as a result, the wisdom tooth
appears to be latent and semi-latent.
Delayed wisdom teeth treatment and treatment may harm other teeth.
So contact us as soon as possible to schedule a check-in and consultation.



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