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Wisdom tooth extraction + [wisdom tooth surgery cost]

Wisdom tooth extraction + [wisdom tooth surgery cost]

Wisdom tooth extraction + [wisdom tooth surgery cost] Teeth come out of the baby. First the front teeth, then the small and large grinders, and the third grinders, or the wisdom teeth.  


Wisdom tooth extraction + [wisdom tooth surgery cost]

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Wisdom tooth extraction + [wisdom tooth surgery cost] - drebrahimgol

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What is a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom extraction - Teeth are extracted alternately from infancy to adulthood. First the front teeth, then the bite teeth, then the small mill and the big mill, and finally the third big mill we know as the wisdom teeth.

The wisdom tooth often comes out at about the age of twenty and is the backmost tooth in the mouth.
Some have no problems with their wisdom teeth and others have problems such as pain, infection and impaction. Some people do not even have a congenital tooth. Normally, for adults in the upper jaw of each person, there are two teeth on the left and right ends and the last tooth, if we count from the midline and the front tooth, is the tooth number 8.


Similarly for the mandible, there are two teeth on the left and right end and in total 4 wisdom teeth.

 What is a wisdom tooth?

When does the wisdom tooth come out?

There are usually four wisdom teeth that grow out at one end of the arch. Usually, between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one, the wisdom teeth begin to expel. Sometimes the wisdom teeth do not come out and fall under the gums or only partially. This is called tooth impaction.


Cost of wisdom tooth surgery

In general, the cost of wisdom teeth extraction does not have a fixed and fixed tariff, and there are several factors involved. For example, if the wisdom tooth has gone out, that is, its growth has been complete, then the wisdom tooth extraction does not require surgery and is performed as usual, and the cost of the wisdom tooth at this stage is low, at around 400 Up to 550 thousand tomans.


And this is all the more because of the amount of decay, tooth canals, tooth restoration, and time required to get wisdom teeth out. However, if the wisdom tooth is partially or partially impacted, the conditions are quite different and surgery is required to extract the wisdom tooth.


That the cost of surgery of the wisdom tooth according to previously stated factors as well as the position of the tooth and the volume of surgery varies from about 650 thousand to 1 million and 100 thousand tomans.

Fear of pulling wisdom teeth

Fear of pulling wisdom teeth

Many people are afraid of tooth extraction and this can be worrying. Of course, this fear of tooth extraction is not only physical, but many are subjectively afraid of tooth extraction, and this fear has prevailed over the bad mentality that has already been formed for them. The root of this fear of wisdom tooth extraction may be in childhood, or the pain and tolerance of others when they have had their wisdom teeth extracted and subconsciously formed within them.

With all this talk, it's worth pointing out that generally having a tooth extraction or surgery has no fear and is often painless and bleeding. Witness the films of patients who have their teeth extracted without any problems. In the professional clinics, the patient is fully mentally prepared before having a tooth extraction and is fully relaxed during surgery.


Pain after pulling down the wisdom tooth

Immediately after the wisdom tooth is swollen, swelling is normal and there may be some bleeding after surgery. Be sure to clean and avoid tampering with the mouth.

 Depending on the degree of pain tolerance in different individuals, the amount of pain after a tooth extraction may also vary. Some people may not even need a simple painkiller, people with high tolerance and may not even feel pain, but there are some They don't even have a simple headache and may have severe pain after pulling their wisdom teeth, and they should use painkillers intermittently.


They can generally take up to a week from the first few days to completely relieve the pain. In addition, the volume of surgery and the extent of wisdom tooth extraction is also important so that the treating physician can prescribe appropriate pain relief.

wisdom tooth extraction without surgery

wisdom tooth extraction without surgery

In the opinion of many dentists, it is best to have a tooth extraction. In most cases, surgery is not required for the extraction of the tooth and can be extracted by simple and conventional methods.


For this purpose, local anesthesia is commonly used, as well as a number of special tools such as the tooth extractor. And also the use of dental pliers helps to pull back a lot.


This procedure is repeated to sufficiently remove the tooth and open the tooth in the jaw somewhat loosely or extensively so that it is possible to remove the tooth after it is removed. It is usually best for the pressure applied to the patient's teeth to be smooth and steady and the force applied to the tooth to be controlled.


Symptoms of infection after wisdom tooth extraction

Symptoms of infection may develop if health principles are not followed after wisdom tooth extraction. Pain and swelling are symptoms of infection after tooth extraction. In fact, the infection may or may not be after the wisdom tooth extraction,


but all patients should be aware of the symptoms of the wisdom tooth infection so that prevention and contact with the dentist should be promptly considered if at any time. To prevent possible future damage.

Why should we have wisdom teeth?

The reasons that justify wisdom tooth extraction include:
Prevention or treatment of "peri-crenitis", which is inflammation in the soft tissue of the crown of a partially impacted tooth with pain. And if it develops, it can lead to severe infection in the chin and neck space.


The major cause of pericronitis is microbial accumulation in the soft tissue of the gingiva of the semi-impacted tooth, which results in severe inflammation following a mild temporary decrease in body defenses.


It can also be caused by the teeth of the maxilla. In this way, the soft tissue overlying the maxillary tooth is destroyed and swollen due to blows to the maxilla, which in this case can be improved by pulling the maxilla.

Bad breath after pulling wisdom teeth

Bad breath after pulling wisdom teeth

After extracting wisdom teeth, it can be a nasty smell of the mouth and the mouth may be swollen with taste and taste. To pull the wisdom tooth.

In general, bad breath after a tooth extraction is normal, but if the odor persists after a few days, it should be addressed. However, in some situations, food may be due to poor hygiene in areas that appear after the germs and bacteria have been removed, followed by bad breath followed by pain, infection, and decay. , Which needs to be remedied for concomitant infection as described below.

But the main solution for removing bad breath after tooth extraction is to use hexadecane chlorine mouthwash, which in addition to rinsing can disinfect a wide range of oral and dental germs and bacteria.


To what age are we allowed to extract latent wisdom teeth?

The most common reason that makes tooth extraction unauthorized. Extraction of latent wisdom teeth is at an early age. Due to the fact that as the bone ages, it becomes highly calcified and the bone diminishes and, as a result, the bones appear less bent during the extraction of the impacted wisdom tooth, thus requiring more bone to pass through. Surgery to remove the tooth from its cavity.


On the other hand, with age, complications will increase after surgery.

Therefore, a patient with older age (usually older than 35 years) should not have an impacted tooth that has no signs of disease and can be detected on radiographic bone covering. And the dentist radiographically examines the impacted tooth every 1 to 2 years for adverse events.


Immediate dental implants

 Dental implants + Tooth crown + immediate in one day 

Wisdom tooth extraction + [wisdom tooth surgery cost] - Immediate dental implants

 A Dental Implant or fixture replaces a lost tooth the size of a tooth root.
After the implant is welded, the casting is done and after the prosthesis is made in the laboratory, the crown is delivered to the patient; Sometimes this process can be done even in one day.


If you have lost one or more of your teeth and need more information,
So contact us as soon as possible to schedule a check-up and consultation.

Wisdom tooth extraction + [wisdom tooth surgery cost] - watch video of patients satisfaction


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