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Dentistry in iran

Dentistry in iran

Dentistry in iran -Dentistry is one of the branches of medical science. Dentistry is one of the most important and most important and most practiced medical branches.  


Dentistry in iran

Dentistry in iran - drebrahimgol

Dentistry is one of the branches of medical science. Here we are going to learn a little bit more about this field of specialization and get some information about it: This is one of the most important and, of course, most applicable medical fields.


If we were to study the major dental work, we would eventually come to know the internal nerves of the mouth, the different types of teeth, the diseases of the mouth, and finally how the teeth are arranged and extracted, The restoration and dentures will be split.
As you know, one of the most basic and also the primary task of an expert in this field is to be well acquainted with the type and arrangement of the patient's teeth.


This is very important because in many cases the diagnosis of pain and disease One of the first principles of dentistry is to diagnose and determine the type of tooth, as well as the extent of the tooth remaining in the gum as well as the degree of resistance to the gum.

After that, the physician should have sufficient expertise in the selection of materials and diagnosis. Because as you know in many cases, the patient may have pain in one area of ​​his mouth but pain in another.


In other words, the pain is not from the area that the patient thinks it is. In such cases, it is the duty of the dentist to correctly diagnose and convince the patient that the pain is not what he or she thinks it is.


Dentistry is a topic in the dental profession because in the case of misdiagnosis a healthy tooth may be replaced instead of a broken tooth It will remain in force, in which case it will cause irreparable damage to the patient, because every human tooth is worth 40 million tomans of material value.


But the material value of a tooth that no other material in the world can replace. The principle of tooth decay and the alternatives that humans have so far discovered and used, although very interesting and useful, can never replace natural tooth. So in dentistry, a misdiagnosis can deprive a person of the benefits of a healthy tooth for the rest of his or her life.


After the correct diagnosis and determination of the affected area, it is time to treat it. Many teeth can be repaired and used for many years with little repair. But in some cases, the only way to have a tooth extraction may be When the tooth needs to be extracted, the area should be well numb so that the patient does not suffer from pain and stress, and then the tooth extraction steps can be performed.


In many cases, the dental profession may require just one tooth as it was said. There are generally two types of restorations in this field. First, superficial repair and, if this type of repair is not working, deep repair. Or tooth decay can be effective.


Surface treatment is only possible when the amount of tooth is still healthy and the surface of the tooth can still be used in such a way that no stomach can be found and the oral acids do not destroy the entire tooth.


There are cases where the surface of the tooth is perfectly healthy, but from other areas with only a small stomach acid enters the gingiva and reaches the so-called nerve, which does not work. It may be said that more than half of dental work is related to correct and proper diagnosis.


If there is no accurate diagnosis of pain and toothache, dental practitioners will turn to technology and take pictures. These types of X-ray photos can be harmful and carcinogenic if repeated over time, but not for a few specific cases.


After taking a photo of the area This procedure is completely normal and common in dentistry. After re-diagnosis and the need to repair a tooth (if it is a superficial repair), filling can be done. After stuttering or so-called mouth, gray and black materials The paint will be poured onto the tooth and shaped.


But not all dental procedures and procedures will end with the above. In addition to the above, each physician has a specific duty to feel comfortable with the patient and, if stress is present, mentally and physically. Almost every physician in this field is responsible for every task. And no matter whether he is a general practitioner or a specialist.

Facilities and technology are very important in this profession and can help both the patient and the physician in the treatment process. Because as you know, illumination can be misdiagnosed if it is misdiagnosed, Incompatibility, color, and concentration are inconsistent, and being exposed at a certain angle to the patient may cause stress to the patient.

If you want to succeed and be skilled in the dental profession, you should always keep in mind that patient comfort is more important than any process because the doctor does not have enough focus until the patient is calm and if this is the case.

Continuing to unconsciously transfer the patient's stress to a physician. With the great advances in dentistry today there is no reason for you to want to endure it if you have a bad tooth in your mouth. You can have a beautiful smile and if you have a problem with the shape and arrangement of your teeth. Your teeth are easily removable by dental professionals.
Occasionally, you will need to use a coat precisely for your desired tooth to give your teeth a more natural look, or to have their shaved and trimmed back to normal.


Of course, the coatings are in the mouth for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are for the sole purpose of a tooth, and sometimes they will be used to protect a poorly restored tooth that has already been broken and is now being taken care of.


Of course, when you use dental implants, you need to use a good coating afterwards. In fact, the coating is used as a treatment to remove the irregularly shaped teeth and make them beautiful. The teeth will show.

The following is a checklist for dentists who recommend a dental implant - Dentistry in iran

1. If your tooth has too much filling material and is not able to withstand the pressures of chewing alone, you will need to cover.
2. If your tooth is broken, you will need a coating.
3. If you have a tooth that has been dented because it has a high degree of decay, it will likely need to be coated.
4. Factors related to the beauty of the mouth and teeth are also a factor in applying a coating. For example, if you have a dark tooth, you can use this trick.


But if you lose some of your teeth and have trouble chewing or even talking, they will use the bridge. In fact, the bridge is a treatment that is used to replace missing teeth and this will greatly help to reduce the problem of your chewing.


The bridge has a beautiful appearance and can in addition solve the chewing problems. Make your mouth beautiful too. Bridges are made of alloys such as gold or porcelain.


Some bridges are removable and can be removed from your mouth at any time and some are fixed but some are strongly recommended to use the bridle when you have teeth and Or you have tooth decay and the other side teeth will not be able to withstand the pressure of chewing. At this time, you need to have a towel placed in your mouth by a dentist.


But the implants we see these days are of great importance, and many people have implanted teeth. First, let's just say that no matter how science progresses, nothing will replace your natural teeth. However, you may lose teeth or teeth due to accidents or diseases. ? Yes, one of the methods used at this time is the implant. The procedure is to have a metal base dentist insert into your gum.


This metal base is the root of the tooth and attaches precisely to the jaw. After fixing the dentist's root, you will easily place an artificial tooth on the screw that holds the root, and without replacing anyone, you have replaced your tooth as it looks just like a normal tooth.


Of course, because the metal base needs to be in your gum, so you have to have surgery on your gum and you have to be healthy before that and have no problem with it. Having healthy gums and having enough bone for The implant or implant is made up of a base consisting mainly of titanium metal, inserted by the surgeon into the jawbone and then placed on the tooth.


But if you want to explain in a step-by-step way about how to implant your teeth, here's what you should consider - Dentistry in iran

In the first phase, you need to have surgery on your gum to get a metal base in the gum. The surgery may take up to several hours, and after doing well, it should take about six months for the bones near the gums to grow alongside the metal base and tighten.

Sometimes some implants will need another surgery to attach an interface to the alternate tooth. But in most implants, this implant is already in place and you will not need surgery again. After the gum healing, the next step is to make it. It is the time for making artificial teeth and it should be screwed onto the gum after it has been made.

This procedure may take about two months, as it requires a lot of precision and should be carefully placed in the gum. This type of surgery is performed either in the dental office by local anesthesia or by anesthesia at the hospital. Afterwards, you should always take steps to protect your oral health as directed by your doctor.
But the other is for indirect tooth restoration and should be used in bridges or crowns. In this model, the strength is greater than the porcelain.


The dentist will first trim part of your tooth so that he can use the restoration used on your tooth. Usually after placing the restorative part on the treated part, it may initially be a little sensitive to the cold, which is normal and Usually, people with rejection will have no problems or complications after this, except for a few who may be allergic to the metal used. But gold alloy with copper and some other metals can also be used in tooth restoration.


This alloy may be used more often when used as a bridle or cladding. The sagging and darkening are extremely durable and very strong against breakage. However, other non-precious metal alloys can be used instead of these alloys. The color of these metals is silver and is resistant to corrosion and darkening, as well as to pressures.


Sometimes there are risks and even diseases and problems for the mouth that the dentist has no role in. Dental treatment is not always painless and may be in addition to the pain that occurs before and during treatment for the individual.


It also happens that one does not get rid of them in the post-treatment period. It should be noted that the cause of many pain after treatment has nothing to do with the doctor. Some people expect to get out of the dental office as soon as possible.


Can easily and painlessly eat as before, as if they were recovering after surgery. They go. Now we want to address some of the pains that the dentist has no role in. For example, in some people, especially those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs, there may be a posterior cavity that is severely rejected by pulling the posterior teeth.


As you know, posterior teeth are teeth that It is difficult to get out of the mouth and in most cases, surgery leads to surgery. You should know that the presence of a cavity in these conditions has nothing to do with the dentist.


It will start when blood does not reach this pain cavity. Another condition that may be difficult for the patient is that in the post-treatment period the person may become allergic and feel uncomfortable and weak in the course of their regenerative treatment.


Keep in mind that there may be some allergies for people after dental procedures. These are always there and no one is to blame. Most of the time these types of stresses will disappear within days and the solution will be There are none other than these few days of tolerance, such as these oral stresses and tenderness.


The weakness and weakness of the gums and the area where the anesthetic is performed may be noted. Allergies have no role whatsoever and such problems only need time.

In general, the pains and swelling that occur after tooth extraction, and especially tooth decay, take time and it is quite natural to do so.

In this topic of pediatric dentistry it can be seen that some children cannot be treated in the office for the following reasons:

The first category of children is mentally, physically or exceptionally disabled.

The second category of children with general and high-risk diseases, such as thalassemia, hemophilia and leukemia, can be mentioned.
The third category is children who do not work with the dentist for other reasons such as fear.


For children in the categories listed above, an operating room dentist will treat these children using anesthesia. In these cases, all dental work will be performed, including filling, tooth extraction, Performs dentures and dentures and will be discharged for the same day after awakening and admitted for several hours.


Doing so will make it easier for both the dentist and the child to solve health problems and also reduce parental travel. The only downside to this method is the cost that increases the cost of the hospital.


Depending on the age and physical and mental condition of children, childhood can be a risky age for them. At this age, children are extremely vulnerable and endanger small and major health events. The organs are those that are most at risk of injury and trauma to the teeth.


Children are very naughty and active due to their age, and their leisure time is high risk, such as cycling, soccer and more. In the summer with Increasingly, dentists are dealing with people who suffer from injuries to their teeth and jaws on a daily basis.


In some cases, injuries to the mouth and jaw are severe and can have irreparable complications. Families gain awareness of the dangers that threaten their children, and that How to handle these events and how to prevent them. These skills are very useful for families.


Depending on the child's activities at any age there are different risks for them, for example it can be said that in a nursing child crawling on the ground can put dangerous objects into their mouths and into lips, teeth and mucus.


In a 10-year-old child who plays a bicycle game, they are at high risk. In this article, parents are advised what to do when dealing with oral and dental injuries. Prevention and remediation: The injuries to the soft areas of the face, including the lips, face, and oral mucosa.


Typically, the trauma to the face is the first to cause damage to the soft tissue. The most common of these injuries are gum, lip rupture, and tongue fracture.


This is to stop the bleeding in a way that can be done by pressing a piece of sterile gas or a clean cloth over the area to prevent contamination in the wound. Betadine is rinsed and coated, and you can then go to a pediatric dentist for care and treatment.


Tooth fractures - Dentistry in iran

If an accident in one of the front teeth or all of its crown is broken in an accident, you should try to find and keep the broken piece if possible.


Because the broken piece can be replaced by a dentist The crown fractures of the tooth may be in the enamel area or the enamel and dentin may be fractured.


It may also open the nerve in addition to the cases mentioned, which can be very painful. If a person has any fractures, the patient should know that he or she has not seriously pressed or hit the affected teeth, and Consult your pediatrician if you have the opportunity.


Incidence of fractures in the crown and root of the teeth:

In some cases, the severity of the trauma causes fractures in the root and the crown of the tooth, leading to bleeding that is extremely painful in the event of a tooth fracture. There is a specific type of treatment that is left to the specialist dentist.


Indentation, Tooth Extraction - Dentistry in iran

Any of the above can be attributed to the impact of a tooth on a person's teeth and the individual may be affected. In this case the parents should take the child to the pediatric dentist as soon as possible without having to hit the child's teeth.


It is possible that a tooth that has been struck out of place or that may have caused a tooth decay can also be said to have caused a tooth displacement.


Jaw fracture, jaw trunk and temporomandibular joint - Dentistry in iran

In case of trauma to the mandible and sensation of pain in the trunk of the fascia especially the mandibular joint, it is not possible for the child to move the mandible. Parents should take their child to a maxillofacial surgeon immediately to resolve the problem.


Fractures should occur if the jaw locks in the child and the respiratory tract is blocked and the child should open the mouth and try to clear the airway.


Have you ever had a toothache or had a gum problem? - Dentistry in iran

Have you ever thought that with the information about dentistry in your life, it might be possible to use your knowledge one day in your life?

Have you noticed that if your dental information is high, spontaneously many of your questions in this field will not be answered?


Many times your referrals to dentistry and medicine are due to the fact that your knowledge and knowledge in this area are low. You can fix this problem by acquiring this knowledge.


Every human wants to be attracted to himself. And it's a kind of know-how that it can use. And there are always a lot of questions in your mind about dentistry that you may not have an acceptable answer to.


And you may want to ask your dentist for questions and you may not have the opportunity. Dentists always have a lot of questions from their patients. Questions that are not very specialized and are part of the general information that anyone can answer.


A person who is thirsty for different things is trying to find out more. And the question may be where do we get this information? From adults, from the mass media to the books we read? Or by increasing our public information day by day by asking others.


With the amazing progress of man in the various sciences, he is hungry to know more. As a result, he has sought to answer the question he has had. Experience has shown that as people's awareness increases, their demands increase as well as their demands.


The same holds true in the sciences in medical sciences, the more people's medical information grows. They increase their health and their sensitivity in this regard.


A comparison between the level of awareness and the type of people's demand has passed. And today it is witnessing that as people's awareness, their demands and demands have changed.


This is true in all walks of life. As people's awareness, economic, social, political, and health demands grow, so does their health. Research in the medical sciences has shown that as people's awareness of health and disease has increased, both their sensitivity to their health and their demands for access to health have increased.


Many parents of children When you go to the office, you ask the dentist why the maxillary anomalies have increased. In the past, people didn't care about such things.


As people's awareness of the health of the disease has grown, their demand for services has increased and their expectations have risen.


There is a growing demand and demand. Seeks to discover their need. Needs are discovered either through different ways, such as raising public awareness, either during the examination or due to the symptoms of a disease.


He does not seek treatment. The caries are known to the patient in one of the following ways: To the dentist he will examine his dental health.


He is aware of the symptoms of his own caries. The tooth aches and the patient goes to the dentist for treatment. It should be noted that the best way to discover is to raise awareness and the worst is to have the disease.


Here's how to diagnose a general dentist from an orthodontist - Dentistry in iran

One of the easiest ways to find this out is to look carefully at the dentist's seal as well as see the titles on the board. And the orthodontist has the necessary qualifications for orthodontics after completing his general dentistry course at accredited universities.


And another way to find out what your particular doctor is looking for is that you can see the name of the dentist from the list of orthodontists in Iran. Then a general dentist can do a certain treatment. And more treatments are beyond his scientific scope.


In the not-so-distant past, people came to Wise for the relief of their oral diseases and problems. Pains are not possible. And yet every body part is treated more professionally in different disciplines. Dentistry is one of them.


Those who care about their health and consider going to the dentist as essential for maintaining their oral health should know the factors to consider in choosing their dentist and should choose dentistry.


To ensure that they have a valid university degree. And have scientifically learned the methods of oral treatment.


Immediate dental implants

 Dental implants + Tooth crown + immediate in one day 

Dentistry in iran - Immediate dental implants

 A Dental Implant or fixture replaces a lost tooth the size of a tooth root.
After the implant is welded, the casting is done and after the prosthesis is made in the laboratory, the crown is delivered to the patient; Sometimes this process can be done even in one day.


If you have lost one or more of your teeth and need more information,
So contact us as soon as possible to schedule a check-up and consultation.

Dentistry in iran - watch video of patients satisfaction


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