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Drebrahimgol's dental implant & cosmetic clinic

Dental clinic in iran

 Dental clinic in iran

 Dental clinic in iran - The dental clinic is a convenient place for referrals. And there is usually more than one doctor at the dental clinic.  


Dental clinic in iran

 Dental clinic in iran - drebrahimgol

 Dental clinic in iran

The dental clinic is a convenient place for referrals. And there is usually more than one doctor at the dental clinic. Due to their busy schedule and lack of time, especially in large cities such as Tehran, patients can go to the dental clinic and receive treatment.


This is due to the fact that dental clinics generally operate more time during the day, and that they can provide numerous treatments, including implants, periodontics, endodontics, etc. That is why it is best for the patient to receive treatment at the dental clinic.


A dental clinic can actually put all your dental needs under one roof and there is more than one type of specialist in every dental clinic.


A clinic can be located in a dental school, a hospital, a private medical center (operated by one or several owners). Specialists in the dental clinic can always teach the patient ways to prevent oral disease and provide many therapeutic options for the same. A dental clinic includes dentists, dental assistants and dental health officials who provide services such as examinations, cleaning, X-rays, fillings and other essentials.


Dental clinics are proud to have a large number of specialists and dentists specializing in each branch of dentistry. There are also many treatment options available to patients, and some dental clinics offer health insurance at the expense of patients, which facilitates the cost of dental treatment for patients.


Visiting hours and counseling may also be more difficult during busy hours and as the school year begins, so clinics provide longer hours and longer days for patients. There are numerous dental clinics available for you and your child to receive the care they need.


Immediate dental implants

 Dental implants + Tooth crown + immediate in one day 

 Dental clinic in iran - Immediate dental implants

 A Dental Implant or fixture replaces a lost tooth the size of a tooth root.
After the implant is welded, the casting is done and after the prosthesis is made in the laboratory, the crown is delivered to the patient; Sometimes this process can be done even in one day.


If you have lost one or more of your teeth and need more information,
So contact us as soon as possible to schedule a check-up and consultation.

 Dental clinic in iran - watch video of patients satisfaction


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Ways to access Dr. Ebrahim Gol Dental Clinic:

Address :Unit 2 , Plaque 4 ,Golbarg 1th Sharghi, Golestan St, Between Farahzadi and Falamak, Dadman St, Shahrak-e-Gharb, Tehran, Iran

Phone : +98 21 88 08 29 41 | +98 21 86 12 89 96

Access path: San'at Square, Farahzadi Boulevard, Atieh Hospital. (From Atieh Hospital to Flamak Street, corner of Golsa Street)