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What is cosmetic dentistry?

What is cosmetic dentistry?

What is cosmetic dentistry? - Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry whose main purpose is to beautify teeth and smile.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

What is cosmetic dentistry? - drebrahimgol

Cosmetic dental treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry whose main purpose is to beautify teeth and smile. We all know what an amazing white and perfect smile has on the other side, which is why one of the most important features of facial beauty is the beauty of teeth and a smile.


This fact has increased the popularity and demand for cosmetic dental treatments. In dentistry, the color and shape of the teeth are close to ideal. But what do cosmetic dental treatments include?


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is commonly referred to as bleaching, but sometimes other treatments, such as bonding or laminating, may be used to whiten teeth.

In bleaching, a solution containing a certain concentration of hydrogen peroxide is placed in contact with the teeth to remove tooth stains. Bleaching, if done in a dental office, is usually just one session. In the same session, which ultimately lasts 40 minutes to an hour, all the teeth turn white at the same time. If the staining and discoloration of the teeth is severe, two or three sessions may be needed.


In any case, professional bleaching in a dental office results very quickly, but if you prefer to whiten your teeth at home, you should use lower concentration whitening products. The effect of bleaching can last from a few months to a year or two, depending on the foods we eat and habits such as smoking.


Composite bonding

Composite bonding, abbreviated to bonding, is a treatment in which a solution of composite resin is used to fill holes, cracks, or fillings. Bonding may also be used to fill caries in exposed teeth.


If bonding is used to correct the color or shape of the front teeth only on the front surface of the tooth, it is called a composite laminate. Composite laminate is used to whiten teeth that are not whitened by bleaching, lip fillings, tooth cracks, as well as filling gaps between teeth (if the gap is short). Bonding is also the color of the teeth.


Ceramic laminate

Ceramic laminate is a small, thin white shell that is glued to the front surface of a tooth to repair or beautify it. Ceramic laminate is made in the laboratory, so you have to wait one or two weeks to laminate the teeth.


Ceramic laminate, like composite laminate, is used to whiten teeth, repair cracks, fractures, gaps between teeth, crooked and deformed, and shorten teeth, except that it can cover slightly more severe cases. Ceramic laminate costs more than composite laminate.


Tooth crown

Veneers have many uses and for various reasons, you need to have a veneer, one of which is the beauty of the teeth. Toothpaste, like laminate, is used to correct the color and shape of teeth, except that it is used to solve more severe problems that laminate is unable to solve. But to cover, a large part of the tooth must be shaved.


For this reason, this treatment is considered somewhat invasive. The veneer is also used to replace missing teeth and strengthen denervated teeth.


Gum deformation

Sometimes the gums may be overgrown and cover a large part of the tooth surface. In this case, when laughing, the gums become more visible and attract attention. This condition is called gingival smile.


In such cases, it is possible to slightly reshape the gums with simple surgery to make more of the tooth appear and to correct the gingival smile.

Increase the length of the tooth crown

If your teeth are congenitally short or have been shortened by excessive wear, your smile will definitely be affected. Short teeth are usually reminiscent of older age because as you get older, your teeth become shorter and less visible when you smile.


But do not worry because you can treat the increase in the length of the crown of the tooth, make your teeth taller and smile and make your face younger.


Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the methods of filling dental cavities. With the help of implants, beauty returns to your mouth and you can eat as before. Implant teeth are very similar to real teeth and are the best cosmetic prosthesis in terms of beauty.

Be sure to consult your dentist to find out which dental cosmetic treatments are best for you. Because you may think laminate is better for you, but maybe just bleaching will solve your problems, or your main problem is something else and you need another treatment such as orthodontics. So be sure to get enough information about treatments and talk to your dentist before making a decision.


Immediate dental implants

 Dental implants + Tooth crown + immediate in one day 

What is cosmetic dentistry? - Immediate dental implants

 A Dental Implant or fixture replaces a lost tooth the size of a tooth root.
After the implant is welded, the casting is done and after the prosthesis is made in the laboratory, the crown is delivered to the patient; Sometimes this process can be done even in one day.


If you have lost one or more of your teeth and need more information,
So contact us as soon as possible to schedule a check-up and consultation.

What is cosmetic dentistry? - watch video of patients satisfaction


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