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10 points about dental implant

10 points about dental implant

10 points about dental implant -  The third tooth or molar is the most hindered oral tooth that lives in the early twenties but some people do not have a congenital tooth.


10 points about dental implant

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Why is wisdom tooth extracted in most cases? - drebrahimgol

1- A dental implant is recognized as the most successful and reliable method of replacing damaged or missing teeth. Dentists also consider dental implants to be the best way for them to lose their teeth.
2- There are several hundred dental implant companies around the world, but those who have passed reliable clinical trials and are confident will not reach the number of fingers. So when choosing an implant, make sure your dentist purchases the implant from a trusted company.
3- Implants can be used to fix the tooth. This eliminates many of the problems associated with slipping and moving the tooth and eating and talking safely.
4- Age is no barrier to implant treatment. If the applicant's age is still at the stage of bone growth, this treatment is delayed until the developmental age is reached, and if the person's age is high, there is no obstacle to good oral health and general good health.


5- An implant tooth looks similar to your own in terms of feel, beauty and function.
6- Using new equipment and technologies such as CAD / CAM implant implantation with higher accuracy, less complications and pain and faster recovery. So consider using new equipment.

7- Even if you are told you cannot plant teeth due to low bone density or jaw volume, do not worry. With a procedure called bone grafting, you can reconstruct and strengthen the jaw bone and get it ready for implantation.

8- Maintaining oral health for implant teeth is very important to prevent complications such as infection around the implant and to extend its life span. Timely scaling and the use of newer dental cleaning tools, such as the air cleaner that cleans the surface of the implant and the teeth, can help to ensure the longevity of the implant.
9- The history of titanium implant treatment is very long and has passed its test for decades. Zirconia implants are relatively new and have not yet gained much experience, but so far have had similar results to titanium implants. In any case, be sure to seek out a skilled and experienced specialist to ensure the success of your treatment. Be sure to check the dental history you choose.
10- Some diseases and medications and habits such as smoking and tooth decay can reduce the success of implant treatment while strategies can counteract the negative impact.


So before you make the final decision to implant, be sure to tell your dentist about any medications you take, any diseases you have (including diabetes) or any oral health habits. Be consulted and choose the best way.


Immediate dental implants

 Dental implants + Tooth crown + immediate in one day 

10 points about dental implant - Immediate dental implants

 A Dental Implant or fixture replaces a lost tooth the size of a tooth root.
After the implant is welded, the casting is done and after the prosthesis is made in the laboratory, the crown is delivered to the patient; Sometimes this process can be done even in one day.


If you have lost one or more of your teeth and need more information,
So contact us as soon as possible to schedule a check-up and consultation.

10 points about dental implant - watch video of patients satisfaction


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